Our Aquarium

Aquarium - Finney Family Dentistry in Marion

This famous Finney Family Dentistry landmark originated at the Prospect St. office in 1970 as a fifty-five gallon tank, built into the wall of one of the dental operatories. Over the years these fish have become one of Dr. Bob’s passionate hobbies and part of the family. The fish were moved to the new office in 2006 to reside in a bigger 210 gallon tank which weighs 3000 pounds. Most of the fish in the tank are thirteen years old, and have been a constant source of “awe” for many of our young patients. Dr. Bob spends several hours cleaning the tank each month to keep our 8 fish happy and healthy. These include three Tin Foil Barbs,  two Kissing Gouramis (kissing fish), one  Bala Shark, one Clown Loach and one Plecostomus (sucker fish).