Emma began going to Dr. Miles while she was still a toddler. From the first moment Emma walked in to Dr. Miles’ office, she has been treated with amazing care and gentleness. Dr. Miles and his entire staff make her feel like she is the most important one in the office. Throughout her whole procedure, Dr. Miles and his assistant, Stephanie, talk to Emma like nothing is happening, and they treat her like she is a big girl. Since she was four, Emma has been cavity prone, and has had to have fillings and has even had to have teeth extracted. Dr. Miles talks to her throughout the entire process and responds to her facial clues to tell when she is in pain, and he never proceeds until she is comfortable again. We also appreciate that while Dr. Miles moves from room to room checking on patients, Stephanie makes sure that Emma is never alone. They keep a close eye on her to make sure she doesn’t get scared or nervous while she waits. Emma is now 7 years old. Even with all the anesthesia shots she has had, and all the oral work Dr. Miles has done, Emma still smiles when she walks into the office. She is happy to see her “old friends” and is never nervous about her visits. She greets everyone, and the entire staff knows her by name. To us, the confidence Dr. Miles and his staff have instilled in our daughter is priceless. Emma will be a “forever patient” of Dr. Miles.

Gary and Amanda Crease