Brush your teeth, postpone Alzheimer’s.

Taking care of your teeth can be a repetitive hassle. Taking care of your teeth can also be a refreshing part of a calming routine for waking up or getting ready for bed. What’s also true is that taking care of your oral health is more important to your overall health than we ever knew(…)

It’s our 4th Annual Drive for the Troops!

Did you know that Finney Family Dentistry has been proudly serving the Marion, Ohio community since 1936? It’s true. And for the past four years, we’re building on a new tradition of partnering with The American Red Cross to aid our troops—our hometown heroes—serving our country. All throughout July and August, we are gladly accepting(…)

Battling the Sexes on Father’s Day?

The differences between men and women are extensive, especially when it comes to taking care of one’s health. According to the Centers for Disease Control, compared to men, women are better about seeing their physician for routine check-ups and are more likely to schedule a doctor visit when feeling sick or injured. And now, new(…)

A mother’s love…

There is truly something special about a mother’s love. Perhaps Rudyard Kipling said it best, with his famous quote, “God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made mothers.” Nothing brings a tear to our eyes more easily than a story of a tender moment between a mother and her child. Social media is bursting(…)

Not everyone can see it…

It’s April. That means a number of things to a number of people. We like to remember that April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month. It’s a sad fact that cancer of the mouth and upper throat collectively kill nearly one person every hour of every day of the year. Of the people newly diagnosed with(…)

It’s Time to Celebrate!

On March 6th, we celebrated National Dentists Day—a day where we can all take a minute to celebrate those select people who’ve made our mouths their business. As it turns out, we here at Finney Family Dental try to celebrate dentists every day. We try to set a high bar for our patients care, lead(…)

Welcome to February!

At Finney Family Dental, it is Children’s Dental Health Month every month! The oral health of the smallest (and cutest) members of you family begins right there with you. Mom and dad have the biggest impact on establishing excellent routines—dental, dietary, movement and everything. Your pattern become their patterns. Remember your dailies: floss once, brush(…)

The Smile of Your Dreams Is Closer Than You Think

Imagine this: you have perfectly aligned teeth and a bright white smile. Feels good, doesn’t it? The confidence of smiling a brilliant smile? The perfect and consistent color of a well-shaped mouth? Anyone would be interested in a smile like that. But did you know that a cosmetically pleasant smile is also a healthier smile?(…)

3rd Annual Drive for the troops extended through August!

Due to overwhelming interest, we’re extending our drive for donations into August! The Finney Family Dentistry family has shown once again that our community and those who serve matters. We consider all of our patients family. Young or old, a new patient or an established one, we are all one big family. We believe in(…)

3rd Annual Drive for the troops! Help us give back!

As you know, at Finney Family Dentistry we consider all of our patients family. Young or old, a new patient or an established one, we are all one big family. We believe in community and the power of people helping people. And just as deeply as those beliefs are held, so too is our gratitude(…)

Dads matter…

It’s a well-known fact that the bond between a mother and a child is foundational and unshakable in many ways. As we here at Finney Family Dentistry round the calendar year to June, we turn our attention to the dads of the world and the enormous influence over children’s lives as well. These influences might(…)

Welcome to the Finney Dentistry Family!

Finney Family Dentistry has been celebrating family for over eighty years. Know to many as Marion’s Hometown Dentist, we take pride in providing exceptional dental care for the entire family, in fact, our patients are family to us. We feel privileged to have had the opportunity to care for multi-generations of family. The Finney Family(…)

April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month

Nearly fifty thousand people in the U.S. have diagnosed with cancer in the oral cavity and pharynx annually, and nearly eight thousand will lose their battle with the disease annually. Early diagnosis is key, and screening is an important part of your dental check-ups twice a year. Understanding your risk factors is important so that(…)