Drive for the Troops

Finney Family Dentistry has been proudly serving the Marion, Ohio community since 1936.  Committed to giving back to the community we love, we have partnered with The American Red Cross to aid our troops, our hometown heroes that are serving our country.  All throughout July and August, we accepted donations of items for care packages that will(…)

What Do Dads Really Want?

The third Sunday in June each year is set aside to celebrate fathers, just as was done a month before for mothers. And each year, over 75% of kids and mothers will buy their fathers a gift of some kind. Tech toys, home improvement tools, maybe some sports equipment will be bought for dads everywhere….(…)

A Celebration of Mom!

With May upon us and Mother’s Day coming up soon, we thought we would celebrate all the contributions made by those wonderful moms in our lives. Studies show that the better our relationships with our mothers, the better our lives in general. Sons who have great mother-son relationships are more likely to go on to(…)

Healthy body=Healthy mouth? Not always…

When we think of high level athletes or endurance athletes it’s easy to assume that they have healthy teeth as well. According to a recent study done in Germany, that isn’t necessarily the case. In fact, the study titled Effect of Endurance Training on Dental Erosion, Caries and Saliva published on June 11th in the(…)

“Toothpaste: Which kind is right for me?”

At Finney Family Dentistry we often get asked the question “which toothpaste should I use?” With the vast options available at the drug store, this can be a very daunting choice! But not to worry, we’ll break it down for you right here. So what toothpaste do we at Finney Family Dentistry recommend? Simple! ANYTHING(…)

Baby Teeth: Why are they important?

In lieu of our recent cavity free club contest, we would like shed some light on the importance of healthy baby teeth. Baby teeth, also known as primary teeth are equally as important as adult teeth. Many times we hear the question, “If my child’s baby teeth are just going to fall out anyway, why(…)

Invisalign gives you more than a nice smile

The additional health benefits of straight teeth             Most people are surprised to discover that the benefits of properly aligned teeth extend far beyond a good-looking smile. According to the American Dental Association (ADA), straightening your teeth can have a positive effect on both your dental and overall health. Think about it-a smile can’t be(…)

How early is too early for my child to see the dentist?

This is a common question that we get asked at Finney Family Dentistry, and one that is certain to get you different answers depending on who you talk to. The American Dental Association recommends that your child see a dentist for their first check-up no later than their first birthday. At Finney Family Dentistry we(…)