Ah, dads…

Last month, we celebrated Mother’s Day with some good advice for moms. We’d be remiss if we didn’t show up for Father’s Day with equally valuable stuff. So very quickly, before we get to the good stuff: • According to the Academy of General Dentistry (AGD), men are more likely to miss dental visits due(…)

Some good reminders for mom!

Children grow quickly, and a lot of mothers wonder where the time goes. There are school, activities, appointments, transportation, and the million other things mothers manage to cram into just one day. With all the effort and time spent on raising children, moms may often put their own health needs aside and delay things like(…)

April Awareness…

It’s April again. That means Easter. And April showers. And remembering that April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month. It’s a sad fact that cancer of the mouth and upper throat collectively kill nearly one person every hour of every day of the year. Of the people newly diagnosed with these cancers, a whopping 40 percent(…)

March into better nutrition

In theory, March means that spring is right around the corner. It’s also become synonymous with March Madness. All of us at Finney Family Dental would like to remind you that March is also, and remains, National Nutrition Month. Although dentists and nutrition may seem unrelated, nutrition plays a vital role in oral health. This(…)

From the very first tooth…

Each February since 1949, the American Dental Association celebrates our smallest patients with National Children’s Dental Health Month. They, like us at Finney Family Dental, feel that the importance of good, oral health from the very first tooth is essential for a lifetime of healthy smiles. It is important to share your good oral health(…)

With every New Year comes…

With every New Year comes any number of things, but chief among them are the annual New Year’s Resolutions. The New Year hands us a fresh start to set much needed new goals and better ourselves, but these resolutions are getting a bad reputation. You’ll hear about the two-week “New year’s rush” at any gym(…)

Reindeer in 2020?

Do you think that reindeer have to worry about shopping for the 2020 holidays? What to plan when family visits need to change? How to make sure the kids stay safe and busy? Do you think reindeer need to worry about brushing and flossing their teeth? We don’t know for sure, but here at Finney(…)

Looking good is feeling good.

Maybe that’s why 28% of millennials admit that the appearance of their teeth undermines their ability to interview for a job. Maybe that’s why your smile is the first–and best–way to make a stellar first impression in general. If you feel your smile is impeding your ability to achieve your goals, maybe it’s time to(…)

A little more peace of mind

Once the calendar changes, a lot of things come to mind. It depends on the month. Back to school, Fall, and then Winter are probably most familiar right now. Maybe the end of the summer holds meaning for you. Maybe you count the days until Thanksgiving. As we mark the seasons changing, now is a(…)

Our Drive Continues!

Finney Family Dentistry, serving Marion and the surrounding community for over 80 years, wants to thank and honor the brave men and women from Marion County who are keeping us safe by serving our country oversees. All month long, we will be collecting items to be put into care packages and sent to them to(…)

We’re still drivin’!

Finney Family Dentistry, serving Marion and the surrounding community for over 80 years, wants to continue to thank and honor the brave men and women from Marion County who are keeping us safe by serving our country oversees. Once again, for the 5th year and for the entire month of July, we are seeking donations(…)

Wash, yes, but why?

By now, you’ve heard countless reminders to wash your hands. It’s one of those things we just know in our gut to be true. It just makes sense. There’s probably something we touched, probably something germy… But have you stopped to wonder why washing our hands is so important in general? We did. Turns out(…)

Spring is the new Summer.

As the hearty early spring blooms start to peek their new leaves through the morning frost and as we think about springing forward, it might just be time to make March your month to prepare for summer! The benefits of a great smile are probably far more wide-reaching than you realize. Studies have shown that(…)