Our Technology

technology - Finney Family Dentistry in MarionFinney Family Dentistry takes pride in providing patient care using the latest technology. Finney Family Dentistry is dedicated to monitoring technological advancements so that we can provide our patients with the best care available. Below you will see some of the current tools we use to provide our patients with the best possible patient experience.

Digital Panorex - Finney Family Dentistry in MarionDigital Panorex – This new panorex x-ray machine has less radiation than traditional film x-ray units and produces high definition images. It has the ability to take almost all x-rays outside of the mouth, without uncomfortable film. These images are instant which means you no longer have to wait for developing films. With this improved x-ray technology, we have improved diagnostics and are able to involve our patients more directly in their care, as they can also view problems seen on x-rays more clearly.

STA System - Finney Family Dentistry in Marion


STA System – “Single Tooth Anesthesia” equals painless injection! This allows the doctors to numb one tooth instead of entire areas of the mouth. Numbing wears off soon after treatment is complete, and no numbing of the cheeks, lip or tongue. Very patient friendly.
32” HD monitors - Finney Family Dentistry in Marion
Digital X-Ray sensors – Less radiation, instant images. Best digital imaging on the market, which allows for improved diagnosis and more interaction in treatment planning with the patient.

32” HD monitors – Having these
in each operatory allows us to
show and explain treatment
options, x-rays and intraoral
pictures of patients teeth, this
allows for better understanding
and more collaboration on

Our newest piece of technology is the Medit i700 intraoral scanner for a majority of our impressions. It’s very comfortable for patients and is
backed by powerful software. The Medit i700 helps us to increase accuracy,
efficiency and reduce costs.

Schick Intra oral Camera - Finney Family Dentistry in Marion